WATCH: Saucy Aussie PM Brilliantly Defends Gay Marriage As A Devout Christian

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, a devout Catholic who has been public with his evolution on marriage equality, was confronted by a pastor of a local church on his stance and whether it was simply a ploy to garner more votes. That’s when Rudd got into his Holden sedan and went to town:

“I concluded in my conscience — through an informed conscience and a Christian conscience — it was the right thing to do [supporting marriage equality] and let me tell you why. Number one, I do not believe people when they are born choose their sexuality. They are gay if they are born gay…it is how people are built. And therefore the idea that this is somehow an abnormal condition is just wrong. I don’t get that…Secondly if you accept that it is natural and normal for someone to be gay because that’s the way they are, then it follows from that I don’t think it is right to say that if these two folk here who are in love with each other and of the same gender should be denied the opportunity for legal recognition of the duration their relationship by having marriage equality.”

When the pastor argues that he just believes in what the Bible says, and asks Rudd why he — as a fellow Christian — doesn’t subscribe the word of Jesus, Rudd reminds him that “the Bible also says that slavery is a natural condition.”

Cue applause.

“What is the fundamental principle that the New Testament? It is one of universal love. Loving your fellow man. And if we get obsessed with a particular definition of that through a form of sexuality then I think we’re missing the centrality of what the gospel — whether you call it a social gospel, a personal gospel, or a spiritual gospel is all is all about…If you think homosexuality is unnatural condition then, frankly, I cannot agree with you based on any element of the science and, therefore, if a person’s sexuality is as they are made, then you’ve got to ask the second question: should their loving relationships be legally recognized and the conclusion I’ve reached is that they should…it was the product of some many many months and years of reflection in good Christian conscience.”

We think the pastor got the point:


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