WATCH: In a sea of Karens, meet the “anti-Karen”

Cleansing the palate of elitist folks unaware of their own racism or entitlement, one New York woman has opted for tolerance and human decency. Imagine that. After a video of her ranting against bigotry went viral, the internet has dubbed her “anti-Karen.”

User Ashely Sarro uploaded the brief video to TikTok of an unidentified woman on her front porch. Hopping about and flailing her arms, she launches into a cry for common sense and acceptance.

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Black lives do f*cking matter,” she proselytizes. “Science is real. Love is love, bitch. Gay pride, OK? Women’s rights are human rights. And the virus is not a hoax.”

Already the video has circulated on Reddit and TikTok, the latter of which has earned it more than 487,000 likes.