WATCH: Sebastian La Cause and Daphne Rubin-Vega Strip Down For “Hustling”


HustlingWe’ve been catching up on a few of our favorite web series this winter and our jaws dropped when we saw the poster for the new season of Hustling. Creator and star Sebastian La Cause (Orange Is the New Black, Keep the Lights On) has just released the first four episodes of the third and final season. Hustling is more than just a story about escorts (thought we definitely appreciate the eye candy), it’s a human story about the hustle of life we’re all engaged in.  The series is a fine example of extraordinary actors (including Daphne Rubin-Vega, Jai Rodriguez, Wilson Cruz, Jessica Press, Gerald McCullouch, Mara Davi, Andrew Glaszek and Stephen Guarino) putting together a gutsy ensemble piece that’s evocative while shining light on the human condition. Husting is back after a successful kickstarter campaign, seven Indie Soap Award nominations (two wins!), and a distinguished 2013 Webby Honorary Award.

The series focuses on Ryan Crosby (La Cause), a male escort/adult film star who turns 40 and realizes his life hasn’t gone the way he anticipated. In his struggle for identity Crosby discovers a passion for cooking. McCullouch portrays a handsome chef who teaches Crosby the ins and outs of fine cuisine, which aid him in transforming his life.  There are bumps along the road including Rubin-Vega, who plays Crosby’s tough landlady, sex romps, awkward situations and flickering reminders of the world he’s trying to leave behind.

Check out the teaser for Season Three here.

Photography courtesy of Sebastian La Cause

Sebastian La Cause in Hustling

Sebastian La Cause


 Facundo Rodriguez, La Cause, Andrew Glaszek

HU_S3_LaCause and Glaszek

HU_S3_Jamie Clayton

Jamie Clayton

HU_S3_LaCause abd Rodriguez

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  • freddiebaker

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  • RomanHans

    I can just imagine the Kickstarter pitch: “It’ll be about the human condition, but all the guys will be nearly naked and gorgeous.” Thanks but no thanks.

  • Spike

    “The series focuses on Ryan Crosby (La Cause), a male escort/adult film star who turns 40 and realizes his life hasn’t gone the way he anticipated.”

    Funny how those of us who pursue careers that have nothing to do with what we look like and/or involves sex, we have no problem appreciating exactly what way our lives have gone when we turn 30, 40, 50, etc.

    Not a life experience story I have any interest in. More interested in Tom Daley.

  • SteveDenver

    A cautionary tale about an aging guy who fears he won’t be able to trade on his looks anymore. I watched a couple episodes and then skipped around. I can’t pity someone’s fading vanity.

  • B Damion

    Hhhhhhh…I love white people. I really do. But does everYthing revolve around white folks?

    Aren’t their other stories to share? instead of the same tired as white boy gay story? No other race matters?

  • architextured

    @B Damion:

    Uhhhhhhh, actually, B Damion, the main character, Ryan, is bi-racial (as is the actor) – in the series we meet his black mother, portrayed by Sharon Washington. Daphne’s character is Colombian; Wilson Cruz and Facundo Rodriguez are latino; Monica Lawson is Ryan’s black financer, as it the actor who plays her brother (forgot his name, sorry, sir!)

    I suggest, B Damion, that you take another, careful, looooong look at the poster for this series at the very top of this page.

    Anyway: I have enjoyed the first two series of ‘Hustling’, and have enjoyed the first four episodes of the new season even more. It has gone from strength to strength.

  • Yiannis

    I have already watched the first two seasons and it’s a very good show. Well-written, well-acted and dealing with real issues intelligently.

  • architextured

    @architextured: Yikes! Daphne’s character is Bolivian, my bad!!!

  • scottnyer

    this series was really good surprisingly. Sexy, and interesting characters and stories. I did get bored with the landlady’s story but overall good stuff.

  • scottnyer

    oh and while Queerty does post a lot of annoying things, like the Tom Daley posts… I do like these posts keeping the users updated on various happenings like LGBT web series I never would’ve known of.

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