Watch Seven Cute Guys Give Themselves Testicular Exams On Camera

Screen shot 2015-10-28 at 9.44.27 AMIt’s hard to believe but it’s almost November, er, Movember, that sexy time of year when guys grow out their mustaches for an entire month in an effort to raise awareness to men’s health issues, including testicular and prostate cancer.

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This year, the folks at Birchbox, one of The Movember Foundation’s official partners, have decided to take things a little further by asking seven strapping gentlemen to “take their health into their own hands….literally.

Behind the privacy of a partition, the guys disrobed from the waist down, grabbed their balls, and administer testicular self-exams on camera.

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“Since testicular cancer is most common in men between 15-30 years, we wanted these men to understand the importance of performing routine self-exams at home,” Birchbox said in a statement. “When detected early, testicular cancer is extremely curable.”

See the video below.


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