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WATCH: A sex worker embarks on an L.A. odyssey in this gritty, gay thriller series

Image Credit: ‘Adam In Fragments,’ Dekkoo

“Who are you?”

“I”m Adam, 27.”

“What do you do, Adam, 27?”

“I’m a professional.”

Though relatively young, Adam (Beau Swartz) is a seasoned sex worker who is, indeed, pretty good at his job. He’s been out of the game for a little while—on a “prolonged hiatus”—but finds himself returning to the trade he knows best at the outset of Adam In Fragments, a thriller series soon heading to the LGBTQ streaming service, Dekkoo.

So, why did Adam take a break? And what brought him back to work? Those are answers we’ll have to find out, piece by piece, as the provocative drama unfolds, following the cagey yet beguiling Adam as he again navigates the Los Angeles underground sex-trade.

But things aren’t quite what they used to be, and Adam’s story really kicks into high gear when he meets Lucy (Keiva Bradley), a naive new sex worker on the scene with dreams of being an adult film star. He feels compelled to take her under his wing, especially as Lucy becomes the target of their handler Felix’s (Francisco Antonio) ire.

Image Credit: ‘Adam In Fragments,’ Dekkoo

From directors Omar Salas Zamora and Calvin Picou, Adam In Fragments is a gritty odyssey through the streets of LA, inspired by the crime thrillers of the ’70s but told through a queer lens. With a hand-held, grainy aesthetic, the filmmakers give the series a unique, live-wire feel that draws the audience into Adam’s gripping story.

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“Most television shows and films about sex work either glorify the trade or exploit it,” says Omar Zamora. “In Adam in Fragments, we aim to examine the profession, not by sensationalizing it, but through exploring the main character and his interactions with drug dealers and johns.”

“We hope viewers find the humanity in these difficult characters,” he adds. “They’re not heroes, villains, or victims. They merely exist.”

All five episodes of the original series hit Dekkoo on November 17. You can watch the moody, enigmatic trailer for Adam In Fragments below:

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