WATCH: Sexy New “Hello Mr.” Is For Hip Homos (Probably)

What is Hello Mr.?

“It’s an introduction,” says this promo video from founder Ryan Fitzgibbon. “It’s more than what meets the eye… It’s about something familiar. Something long overdue—It’s the clever invitation. And it’s everything that follows.”

Okay, but that could describe a brand of soda, or a shoe or a yoga class. What is it really?

It’s a magazine. There, that wasn’t so hard to say out loud.

But what kind of mag? Fitzgibbon, who lives in Melbourne, says it’s about men who date men—”the long overdue response to the unending clichés that surround current gay lifestyle publications.”

Translation: It’s for queer hipsters. Note all the skinny-jeaned, scruffy-faced boys with their Apple products, v-necks and Instagram color palettes. They certainly say “hipster” to us.

Or maybe this is just wishful thinking, because a brainy magazine for gay hipsters is just about the best idea we’ve heard all month.

With a $20,000 Kickstarter campaign underway, Hello Mr. is set to debut in early 2013. We’ll be first in line for a copy.