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WATCH: Shoppers passionately defend transgender woman in “What Would You Do?”

ABC’s popular hidden camera show What Would You Do? tackled transphobia on its most recent episode, staging a fraught scenario in which a transgender woman is verbally attacked by an uppity sales clerk as she shops for new clothes.

The hit show throws unsuspecting strangers into situations in which they have to choose whether to stand up for what’s right or ignore the situation. Previously, the show has tackled racism, disabled people, and homophobia.

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The new episode features a transgender woman, shopping for new clothes, suddenly being sniped at and badgered by a sales clerk. (The actress is great in it.)

“I’m gonna need you to be very careful with those clothes,” she says. “They are made for women’s bodies. I just don’t want you to tear it or anything.”

In this case, every customer stuck up for the transgender woman in one way or another, with many lecturing the sales clerk about accepting people for who they are.

One customer says to the trans woman, “You look excellent in it, by the way.”

“You know it’s a man in woman’s clothing?” the clerk asks.

“For sure I did not know that,” the customer shoots back.

“And it doesn’t really matter. She looks beautiful in that. It fits her perfectly and I am offended by what you’re saying. That is not what this town or this store is about. I am very upset by what you’re saying…

And she’s a woman. And she looks fabulous. It doesn’t matter about gender or size. It doesn’t matter about race. It doesn’t matter about religion. I doesn’t matter about sexuality. She is beautiful. You look fabulous.”