WATCH: “Sh*t Girls Say To Gay Guys,” “Sh*t Drag Queens Say” & “Sh*t Straight Guys Say To Gay Guys”

“Sh*t Girls Say” has become the viral video that just won’t die—and so long as they’re funny,  we don’t mind.

SoundlyAwake produced the above clip, parodying how our gal pals sometimes talk to us. Is it wrong that we find him incredibly attractive (maybe even moreso with the chin stubble and wig)?

Everyone’s favorite Drag Race star, Pandora Boxx, has released her version, “Sh*t Drag Queens Say” (below.) It’s not so much the dialogue as the delivery. Did you know there are 15 different ways to say “bitch”?

Fierce. The. House. Down!

And lastly, Mark Matechuk stars in “Sh*t Straight Guys Say to Gay Guys,” created by J.P. Bevilacqua, Max Mohenu and Patrick Mcguire.

Now this clip is actually funny, so try to listen to what Mark is saying—and not just imagine him tied to your bed naked and dripping with agave nectar.

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  • Evan Mulvihill

    That straight guy is too hot for words.

  • Ginasf

    Pandora is my fav drag queen… cute, likeable and genuinely funny goes a long way with me.

  • QJ201

    I’m still waiting for:

    Angry Lesbians say to Gay Men (“You reek of male privilege”)
    Differently Abled People say to Able bodied people (“No I don’t need your help”)
    Gentiles say to Jews (“Is that a Jewish thing?”)
    Jews say to Gentiles (“you wouldn’t understand, it’s a jewish thing”)
    HIV Negative Guys say to HIV Positive Guys (“So what did you do to get it?” “I heard you can get high on AIDS drugs” “So now you can bareback, lucky you”)

    This meme will NEVER die

  • randy

    The shit straight girls say to gay men hits way too close to home for me to show it to her….

  • Conrad

    Just. Died. Love

  • x

    this is getting tiresome

  • Interesting

    During new years this straight guy kept asking me questions like I am the international ambassador to gay people. I have a good straight female friend, who tried to hook me with up with this guy because we were the only two gay guys she knew, and “you are both so sweet.” He was a leather guy into gang bangs on a swing. I am vanilla. I guess that never came up in her conversations with him.

  • Kate Bushwhacked

    @Isaac C: did you pass english in high school, do you even understand words in context

  • Isaac C

    @Kate Bushwhacked: What I “know” is that “Interesting” is an anti-white racist.

  • Interesting

    @Kate Bushwhacked: Isaac C is a nutjob and a racist who trolls the site. I wouldn’t bother. Basically, he was in the last post like this ranting on about “all blacks this” and “all blacks that” I really can’t tell if he’s yet another sock puppet by the site to raise up its traffic, or is legitimately a real person. Either way its kind of sad.

  • Isaac C

    @Interesting: Awww, the crazed black anti-white racist is trying to throw blows again. How typical. Nobody buys your anti-white gay hatred. The only sad person is you. You clearly need to come to terms with being black and gay. Good luck.

  • Peter

    The straight girls one is so true, athough she was a bit more over the top and enthusiastic, but every girl I’ve ever told has asked me to be her gay best friend and go shopping with her and pick out her clothes. I’m terrible at shopping :(

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