WATCH: Someone’s Finally Making A Movie About A Gay Kid And His Straight Pal

We generally avoid promoting KickStarter drives—there are just too many good projects out there to give them all fair due—but a new campaign from I Think I Do director Brian Sloan caught our eye. His new film, Best Summer Ever, is an adaptation of Sloan’s own teen-lit novel Tale of Two Summers, which explores the unique friendship between two high-school friends, one gay and one straight.

Chuck and Hal, who have been friends since they were toddlers, are spending their first summer apart and decide to keep in touch by sending videos back and forth. As the summer progresses, they both fall in love for the first time (not with each other) and their different paths put their friendship to the test.
It’s a kind of relationship that doesn’t get a lot of attention in the media but one that can have a profound effect for struggling queer teens.

“I was inspired to write this story by my continued friendship with my best friend from high school who’s straight,” Sloan tells Queerty. “We’ve stayed close friends for more than 20 years. He was very accepting and supportive when I came out and we’ve always been able to talk very frankly about our relationships with other people too. I think these sorts of friendships are crucial for teens today, especially when so many LGBT youth are isolated. When you’re in high school, there are probably not going to be a lot of other gay people around, so young people need to realize that ‘the straights’ can be can be incredibly supportive, even more so now than when I was growing up.”

Check out Best Summer Ever’s video above, and then visit the film’s KickStarter campaign page if you want to make a donation. Brian tells us out actor Michael Urie made a nice contribution—and is working on getting his How to Succeed in Business co-star Nick Jonas to cut a check, too.