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  • Ian

    Yaaaay, I’m so happy for her. Take that racist Republicans!

  • Dabq

    Great news indeed, although, I still wonder where she really stands on many issues that affect the glbt’s of this country.

  • CatCat 369

    What ASSHOLES (REPUBLICANS)only 6 voted for her (I think it was 6)I guess you REP wonted anther white boy on the court AGAIN.

  • dgz

    @CatCat 369: i read 9.

    i’m glad to hear this. though frequent poster Jason is probably pissed she’s not a white guy.

  • BR7

    Really? I’m glad to hear bigotry is perfectly acceptable when directed at white men…

  • dgz

    oh shut up with the talking point you blatantly ripped from Faux News.

  • SM

    With every passing day, I am more and more impressed with Obama. The more I hear (and/or read) about something he’s done (or is doing) the more I feel it’ll be, in the end, the absolutely BEST thing.

    An example: The news reporting on the new SCOTUSs swearing in. For 70-years, the ceremony has been held at the WH. And for her? Nope, Sotomayor is NOT sworn in in the WH. “Why”, I grouse, “would POTUS be so disrespect­ful/disreg­arding of tradition and not give her a WH ceremony?”

    As photos were shown of SCOTUS members being sworn in at the WH, (with their nominating Presidents beside them), it became VERY clear *why* Obama did not offer the WH to Sotomayor. SCOTUS are NOT ‘beholden’ to the nominating president – the SCOTUS is an independent branch of govt. A ceremony held in the WH, puts an implicit ‘stamp’/appearance that the newly-sworn-in Justice will kowtow to the party/president nominating him/her. Obama, I think, is well aware that HE is not the ‘people,’ the American PEOPLE are.

    It’s the same with everything he does/is trying to do. Including Health Care reform. He’s aware of the minutia of things *before* anyone even has time to think of them; he’s ten steps ahead of most and can ‘get things into place’ for things to work. And work well. We did well in electing him. He will get LGBT equality.

    What a change -and relief!- from the past 8 years.

  • InExile

    @SM: Not sure you are correct on the LGBT front. He has lost control of the health care debate by handing it over to congress instead of maybe creating a hand selected panel to create a plan of his own. Turning health care over to congress is like handing a suitcase of cash to a thief and asking him to watch your money. Without a single payer or public option on health care it will just be another way to enrich the insurance companies with American people being the losers. Once again, no leadership on health care, just like his promises on LGBT rights. With his approval ratings plummeting 12% down to 50% so early in the game, gays will be thrown to the sharks again. Looks like a one term gig for him just like Jimmy Carter. If we are lucky Hillary will resign in time to run in 2012.

  • Ian

    @BR7: Wow, I bet if you weren’t gay, you’d be a member of the national organization for marriage watching fox “news” and everything.

    Sad, really.

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