WATCH: Steam Room Stories—”You Know You Want Me”

We stumbled across Steam Room Stories by accident. But this mini webseries set in a gym steamroom doesn’t just offer lots of eye candy—it’s actually funny and a not-unaccurate depiction of gay metropolitan life. In above clip, David and Hunter aren’t sure how to handle a proposition from one of the hotties the gym. Good friends should really negotiate these kinds of situations before they come up.


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  • Andy

    I agree, the series is a lot of fun. I’m told that new episodes are being produced now for YouTube and should begin appearing shortly. The driving force behind the series is J. C. Calciano, who wrote and directed IS IT JUST ME and the recent movie eCUPID.

  • Ummm...

    That was like a straight guy script put into a gay guy scene. I’m sorry, but I don’t know of any of my friends who would have had a problem with that. “Just don’t look at me” WTF? On another note, short and stupid had quite the package bulging out of that towel when he came bounding in.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Hey guys, lets not over analyze this: its a one and a half minute short that knotes that the first time a three-way is broached, there can be a few moments of awkward fun.

    First time for my BF and me, the very sexy NYC maitre’d flirted and seduced us both, and told us he “gets off on three, oops, I mean gets off at three”. That gave us two hours to talk about it, though it really only took a minute for us to decide. So, back at three it was.

    First time a couple asked me, was a pick-up in the porno section of a video store: “geez, I haven’t seen that one before … any hot 3-ways?” he asked. “Guess you have to rent it because I don’t know,” I answered. The boyfriend, “I’ve seen it and yeah very hot 3-way, maybe we should reenact it?” First BF and me, “Okay!!!” And off to their apartment. The video wasn’t really as hot our all weekend time, oh, and with the added visit with the pizza delivery guy. Oh to be 20 again!

  • phallus

    Check out the short “Steam” in Best Gay Shorts Vol 1. It is an awesome short that keeps you in suspense until the end. If you’re looking for a dramatic, suspenseful type of steamroom story, this is the best.

  • George412

    Bad writing and bad acting. Not sure what steam room the writer has been in, but nobody ever talks in them.

  • Boy_wonder

    this has happened to me !!! granted the guy was not as hot.

  • Dallas David

    I got thrown out of the Dallas tubs with two friends (about 1978) at Xmas time for singing Xmas carols in the steamroom. Lol . . . We were “friends” friends, not physical, and we all sang in the MCC church choir, and the acoustics in the steam invited music. But the songs spoiled the mood for everything else, and, well, there was a ‘scene,’ and we got thrown out.
    Lol . . .

  • Judy

    Brilliance for free; your prenats must be a sweetheart and a certified genius.

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