Farewell Bill Hader

WATCH: Stefon And Anderson Cooper Almost Get Married

During Bill Hader’s final episode of Saturday Night Live, Stefon made his last appearance on Weekend Update. Probably one of his most famous and loved characters, Stefon told viewers where the hottest spots in New York City were before signing off. It turned out Stefon was getting married… to Anderson Cooper. However, Seth Meyers had a Graduate moment stopped the wedding before it was too late.

It was a fitting tribute to Hader, who after eight years, will definitely be missed on the show.

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  • balehead

    Man is Anderson Cooper a Media Ho now…..

  • Anthony

    For some reason the video isn’t working.

    “This video is currently not available at this site, but you can view this and other Hulu videos on Hulu.com”

    Found a link for it though!

  • fredo777

    @balehead: Is this story really about Anderson Cooper?

  • tdx3fan

    @fredo777: I’m not even remotely sure how this story relates to gay news other than AC. These are two straight guys playing gay guys. Stefon is a walking stereotype of gay stupidity. I am glad that this character will finally be put to rest.

  • rb

    I love, LOVE, when somebody tells me I need to watch something by recounting pretty much the entire plot AND the main twist. Brava!

  • fredo777

    @tdx3fan: Bite your tongue. I love Stefon’s character.

    The only offensive (to me) queen stereotype in that episode was that bullshit Taran Killam + Jay Pharaoh did in the “ex-gay camp” skit w/ Ben Affleck. I mean, seriously? Midriff out w/ a beaded fringe top, + sucking on a lollipop w/ classic “gay face”? Ugh.

  • PeterGay

    This is by far the best episode with Stefon on Weekend Update. I laugh all the way through; Anderson is a great person to come along for this send off of both good-looking Stefon and super cutie Seth Meyers (who will leave in February to host the show Jimmy Fallon hosts now [Jimmy will leave to host Jay Leno’s show]). The whole skit was very well done (I loved all the characters attending the wedding) and a perfect ending for the funny and popular Stefon. Bravo! SNL!

    PS.: I think it was also a mild but clearly barb to Anderson’s boyfriend Ben Maisani, who was photographed kissing another man a few months back! “See, Ben, what could happen if you mess around with other guys.”

  • northwest

    I doubt the writers were thinking about Anderson’s relationship with Ben, they are a happy couple. AC/Ben/Andy Cohen/Madonna were probably watching the whole SNL thing at their firehouse home where they had a big double early birthday party for AC and Andy Cohen on Saturday night.

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