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WATCH: Stephen Amell addresses his very thirsty fans

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Actor Stephen Amell has released a video addressing the sexual needs of his fans. Talk about a tough job.

Amell, who appears in the new wrestling drama Heels, partnered with Buzzfeed to read some of the thirstiest tweets about the new series, and address his fans’ desires.

“Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig are in a show about wrestling called Heels … God has blessed us with a wrestling kink,” one tweet read.

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“A lot of spandex, a lot of homoeroticism. We were joking all the time. During the first season of Arrow, they made gay porn about it. I noticed too Alexander At dinner the other day, you don’t need to make a gay parody of heels. I think it’s gay enough as it is,” Amell quipped in response.

“I would lick Stephen Amell with a lot of grace,” another tweet read.

“If you’re going to do it, just do it,” Amell taunted back.

“Been watching Arrow again and I have a BLAZING HOT TAKE,” another user tweeted. “Canada’s ass is even better than America’s ass. Thank you, Stephen Amell.”

“Shout out to you, Chris Evans,” Amell quips, referencing Evans’ role as Captain America.

“I would let Stephen Amell put it in my butt a few times,” another fan tweeted. “That’s a fine specimen.”

“If it weren’t so morally problematic, I’d put it in your butt,” Amell then asserts

And it goes on like that. Have a look and try not to let the thirst overcome you. We’re reaching for water now…

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