WATCH: Steve Grand’s new video is a tribute to Christmas during COVID-19

With Christmas just days away and COVID-19 cases spiraling out of control in some cities, the holidays this year look to be quieter than ever. Taking advantage of the hushed mood: singer Steve Grand, whose cover of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” pays tribute to the bittersweetness of the holidays 2020.

Grand recorded and shot the video at home, while his director, John Lavin, oversaw the project from his home in Miami. Actor Trevor LaPaglia also participated from his home in Los Angeles, making the video a meta-comment on social distancing in and of itself. The footage of LaPaglia & Grand together is taken from Grand’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” video from 2015 which also starred LaPaglia. Grand calls the new video a sequel of sorts.

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In the video, Grand plays a man missing his boyfriend (LaPaglia) during the holidays thanks to the pandemic. No doubt many of us can identify with the feeling this season.

Have a look, and grab the tissues. This year, it’s important to remember: home is where the heart is.