WATCH: Stop D*cking Around And Wear A F*cking Condom

J. Merridew is an internet personality, who—according to his Tumblr—is “searching for a cause to die for.” Well, Merridew—whose name seemingly refers to the villain from Lord of the Flies—may have found his cause: HIV/AIDS awareness.

For the past year, Merridew has been uploading self-helpy videos to his Youtube page, encouraging people to accept gays. His first video, for example, speaks to “homosexuals who want to come out and be happy homosexuals.” He’s like a twinky Oprah, if Oprah were a white kid who grew up in the suburbs and killed time making video blogs.

Merridew’s latest video—titled “Wear a F*cking Condom!!!!”—offers a lighthearted, homonormative solution to the recent increase in HIV infections among gay men.

“So here’s how you avoid getting it,” Merridew explained. “There are things called condoms. We wear them when we have sex.” He then unwrapped a chocolate-flavored condom, put it in his mouth, and demonstrated his easily-triggered gag reflex. Dick schtick, it never fails.

What Merridew lacks in nuance or understanding—he still refers to STIs as STDs, he seems to conflate HIV and AIDS, etc.—he more than makes up for with old-fashioned charm. We especially appreciated his responses to the excuses guys make for not wearing condoms. Our favorite: “The drugstore is closed. Yeah, you know what else is closed? My asshole.”

The kid has charisma, and details be damned, his ultimate message is a good one: Wrap it up, boys