WATCH: Straight Dudes Make Out To Protest Chick-Fil-A’s Bigotry

See what you’ve done, Chick-fil-A? Even straight guys like Mike Smith and Skyler Stone (above) would rather lock lips than than eat your crappy chicken. Granted, the guys are comics and the bit is more satirical than anything else, but their hearts are in the right place (to say nothing of other organs).

You gotta love the guy next to them at the order window trying to get his food. Nothing will stand between him and his waffle fries!

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  • Matt

    Wow Emily, you mean straighten up so we can be exemplary human beings like yourself?

  • GATO

    I think you are on the wrong website hon. But thanks for your valued opinions. Now head back to your satanic websites.

  • Yaoming

    Thanks for nothing, guys. That was just insulting and embarassing.

  • Mark

    everything doens’t have to be serious to be helpful. Their hearts are in the right place and I thought it was funny.

  • Brian

    I want to say that they meant well but in true straight guy fashion, they reduced the gravity of the events surrounding this debate to a comical kiss between two straight guys. I agree with No. 5, that was insulting and embarrassing!

  • charli girl

    I see your point,but i dont agree.We all have friends and family that are our str8 allies.And this is exactly what they do at all equality functions.In fact to have hetero AND gay couples kissing would be even better to exhibit that love is love…. My 2 cents,back to work I go :-)

  • J Stratford

    I thought it was funny. May Straight guys relate to things through laughter and slapstick comedic rough housing – actions that I and many of my gay friends do not really enjoy or identify with. This doesn’t mean these straight dudes are not serious gay supporters.

    I think these guys know how to appeal to other straight guys. Let them do their thing. God knows how important it is for us to have more straight guys on our side (they are the holdouts)

  • Drew

    This is completely pointless and silly.

  • David Norris

    Um. No. Two hetero guys making out is not support for gay rights. It’s juvenile and reduces same-sex attraction to physical acts, which is exactly what the anti-gay crowd insists. These guys are not helping us make the case for marriage equality.

  • dvlaries

    Thanks Mike & Sky. A lot of gay men, including this one, happen to have straight brothers, and remembering to laugh and have a sense of humor, along with the seriousness, is an important part of getting through this life.

  • Triple S

    Holy fuck people, calm the fuck down! What is your problem?!

    Jeeeeeesus Christ, I am beyond words here! Get over yourselves, this was a joke.

    Do you know what a joke is? Cause if you do, you have NO idea how to react to one.

  • Allen D.

    Haha. That’s pretty awesome.

  • JR

    Skyler’s reasoning for why they were doing it was a bit silly, but, um, he’s a comedian. And a comedian known for public displays and acts. This doesn’t set us back. This doesn’t hurt our cause. We’ve become a society of people just waiting for the next reason to be insulted or appalled. Lighten up, folks.

    And now I’m about superficial. If you have a problem with that, stop reading here.

    I always thought Stone was kind of cute in a goofy way, but this Mike Smith guy? Damn!

  • JohnnyBoy

    I thought it was funny.

  • The Artist

    I also thought it was funny and creative! People are people. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • Candyass

    What a bunch of over sensitive menopausal pussies! That kiss was awesome! Those guys nailed it! It’s now a sad truth, straight guys kiss each other better than gay guys!

    I wanna see ’em do the big nasty. And don’t think for a sec one of em didn’t like that kiss. They rock!


    Hahahaha I am the biggest HOMO in the world and that is, so funny I wish I was there!. VIVA HOMOSEXUALITY..LIKE I AM and fuck you bloddy Christian.

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