WATCH: Straight Guy Defriended Over Gay Brother’s Wedding Shares Incredible Lesson On Love

In the above video, David Stevens gets emotional as he describes the love he has for his gay brother and his partner and the struggles they have to face, along with the LGBT community, when it comes to misguided bigotry and discrimination.

Originally published on his personal blog, Stevens recounts going to his little brother’s wedding and the response he got after posting photos of the joyous day to his Facebook. One person in particular, a former co-worker and Baptist preacher, felt David had gone too far:

“Hey David, I am removing you from my friends list…sorry man, that latest post is way over the top! Homosexuals joining in “Holy” matrimony…I don’t think so??? The Holy Bible speaks out against homosexuality and speaks highly of Holy matrimony between a man and a woman. It’s nothing more than a slap in the face to those who choose God’s Word, for homosexuals to join in a Holy marriage. I’m only defriending you so I don’t have to look at your anti-God stuff anymore…nothing personal!”

Why do people insist it’s “nothing personal” immediately after personally insulting someone? David was hurt by his Facebook friend’s response, but eventually came to realize it wasn’t that big of a loss, and he sent the preacher man a letter to his church expressing “disappointment in his withdrawal.”

The incident lingered on his mind, however, and he put himself in his brother’s shoes, wondering how he would feel if the rejection came not “from a distant friend, but from a beloved family member”:

How many millions of gay kids (and adults) have had that exact thing happen to them? How many millions more will in the future? I’m sorry. I’m sorry for that pain. I’m sorry for that rejection. I’m sorry for that isolation.

I’m straight. Straight as a yardstick. Straight as an arrow. I am in your corner. If I could take on that pain for you, I would. I love you.

If you’re gay, I think that’s wonderful, and I’m truly happy for you. I wish you all the love and joy in the world.

If you’re straight, I think that’s wonderful, and I’m truly happy for you. I wish you all the love and joy in the world. And I charge you, I charge you to imagine the above scenario played out with YOU as the target of rejection. Imagine the people closest to you telling you, essentially, “You are fundamentally flawed and I want nothing to do with you.” Our LGBTQ brothers and sisters face this everyday. Please don’t forget that.

The poor, misguided soul is no longer in my life. That’s okay. My brother and his husband still are. I just hung out with my brother a few weeks ago, and it was a blast. He’s brilliant, he’s funny, and he’s kind. I couldn’t be prouder to call him my brother. I love him, and love wins, period.

We’d be proud to call David our brother any day.