Quiz time

WATCH: Straight man attempts to answer “gay questions”

Alexander Banks and Gabriel Anderson
Alexander Banks and Gabriel Anderson (Photo: YouTube)

The latest video from British YouTube vlogger Alexander Banks finds him quizzing a straight male friend and sports vlogger, Gabriel Anderson, with some gay-related questions.

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“What is a platinum gay?” asks Alexander.

Gabriel suggests it’s a gay man who dresses up in women’s clothing and wears wigs.

Alexander, incredulous at the mix-up in terminology, points out Gabriel’s describing what is commonly known as a drag queen.

Gabriel also doesn’t fair great when asked what a “friend of Dorothy” is, or identifying iconic Drag Race moments.

Other questions include “What’s the difference between a bear and an otter?” and “What is douching?”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gabriel demonstrates he hasn’t got much of a grip on most elements of gay culture.

The video is a follow-up to one that the two men did recently in which Gabriel asked Alexander sports-related questions. Alexander performed equally badly.

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