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WATCH: After striking out, Blue Jays’ Kevin Pillar calls pitcher a “f*g”

Right after striking out in the seventh inning of a game on Wednesday, Blue Jays’ Kevin Pillar lost his temper and called Atlanta Braves pitcher Jason Mott a “fag.”

He’s already apologized for the gaffe, which occurred during the seventh inning.

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“It was immature,” he says. “It was stupid. It was uncalled for.”

“It’s part of the game. It’s…I’m a competitive guy. You know, heat of the moment. Obviously I’m going to do whatever I need to do to reach out and apologize. He didn’t do anything wrong. It was on me.”


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  • ChrisK

    Watching Baseball has to be the most boring sport there is. Last time I went I fell asleep. Rates up there with watching paint dry.

    • Xzamilloh

      I hear you… if some of them weren’t so thick and butt-tastic, it would be unwatchable. But young Ken Griffey, Jr. and Jorge Posada were poetry in motion.

    • Donston

      And Pillard’s one of my favorite asses in the sport. So is Daniel Murphy’s, who has said some homophobic things. It’s almost always the guys you develop hard-ons for who end up being homophobic or deep closet cases or just blank idiots.

  • alterego1980

    This has been an undercurrent in MLB for a long time. It will take a long time to route it out. But I give MLB and Billy Bean a lot of credit in trying to turn the tide on homophobia and casual gay bigotry in baseball. I’m also glad b/c baseball is my favorite sport, with so many hot players too

    • jimontp

      Well, obviously MLB has NOT done enough. Money talks. If MLB would have imposed a 3 day suspension without pay for Pillar, it would have LOTS more impact. A Canadian team with a homophobic bigot, Trudeau should speak up. Racial slurs in Boston and now this. My SF Giants still have an AIDS awareness day, when all players of both teams wear a red ribbon, and an LGBTQ night. But honestly, homophobia exists on all major league sports teams. In 2017, a simple apology doesn’t cut it. Suspend him and fine him. MONEY TALKS!

  • BigG

    Worst apology ever. He’s not sorry. “It’s part of the game” well I hope I hope he gets suspended and gets told ” it’s part of our zero tolerance policy” sorry bout it. Asshole. If he had called him the N-word and said that excuse, there would be a freaking uproar.

    • ethan_hines

      Completely agree. In fact I would go so far as calling what he did a hate crime!

    • BigG

      2 day suspension, he apologized for real and is donating his pay to LGBT charity. Good.

    • ethan_hines

      Yup just saw it on Canadian TV

  • Herman75

    Not long after Kobie Bryant allegedly raped that woman in Colorado he yelled [email protected] at another player. I never like Kobie. Don’t miss him, or any other player that calls a man [email protected]

  • pudman56

    I’m sick and tired of the apologies. All this “after the fact” apologizing isn’t enough. I’m white. If I lost (fill in the blank) to a black person, it doesn’t give me the right to call him the N word, and then apologize and all is good. Sensitivity training isn’t enough, either. Suspension and large fines are due in cases of overpaid sports players is in order.

    On behalf of me, I do not accept the apology.

  • amigay

    Well, the dude has to blame somebody for him being a lousy player.

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