measure for measure

WATCH: The struggle is real for the 6’4 bottom

Michael Henry has returned with his latest video: an indictment of size fetishism in the queer community.

The sketch pits Henry against his frienemies Bruce (Gabriel Notarangelo) and Jax (Lyle Colby Mackston) in a debate over… well, let’s call it “length privilege.” Michael slams Jax for complaining about the woes of life as a tall bottom, alleging he’s “heightmnotized;” in other words, entitled because he’s tall.

Michael also alleges that Jax exaggerates his size to appeal to other men, and in more ways than just his elevation.

“Everyone is heightmnotized,” Jax charges. “Gays, and especially the straights. They’re insane over height… If you had to choose between a shrimp of a man and a tall man that could toss you around, you would choose the tall man. Admit it.”

Is he right? Have a look at the video and join the debate.

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