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WATCH: Stunning first look at Renee Zellweger in the Judy Garland biopic ‘Judy’

In a stunning, if surreal first look, the trailer for the upcoming Judy Garland biopic Judy has finally seen release, offering up the first footage of Oscar-winner Renee Zellweger in the title role.

Judy follows the final days of the musical legend and gay icon as she begins a London concert engagement. Garland tries to stage one of her numerous comebacks to combat a string of nasty reviews, though drug addiction threatens to stifle her attempts. She ao begins her brief relationship with club promoter Mickey Deans, even while struggling with her feelings for ex-husband Sid Luft.

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Zellweger stages a prestige comeback of her own as she disappears under heavy make-up to embody Garland. Rufus Sewell and Finn Whitrock co-star as Sid Luft and Mickey Deans, respectively.

Based on the acclaimed play End of the RainbowJudy is directed by Rupert Gold. The movie hits cinemas September 27.