WATCH: “Survivor’s” Shifty Gay Ruins The Game For Everyone

To paraphrase Beyoncé (and the other two), “He’s not a survivor, he’s gonna give up.”

Things got testy on last night’s episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, which pits veteran contestants against their loved ones. After a heated exchange between two members of the “loved ones” team, Survivor veteran Colton Cumbie (shockingly not a porn name) had a meltdown (about 2:00 in). He was not involved in the triggering fight, but — showboat that he is — quickly refocused the attention on himself.

When host Jeff Probst noticed Cumbie (allegedly) crying, he asked him to explain his (alleged) tears. Cumbie responded, “I don’t want to be here anymore.” At that point, Probst read. Him. To. Filth.

“So Colton,” Probst began. “You came back for a second time, because you said, ‘I’ve changed. I’ve grown. And I want to show everybody.’ You’re now doing the exact opposite… A very selfish move… What is it that has happened on your tribe that’s forcing you to quit for what now I can confirm for myself is a second time? The first time, you feigned an appendicitis. Turns out you didn’t have it. You want to own that one now?”

Cumbie, a gay Republican from Alabama, gained notoriety when he appeared on Survivor: One World in 2012. He quit that season shortly before the finale, owing to (alleged) appendicitis. In response to Probst calling him out last night, Cumbie explained that he had, in fact, been treated for a bacterial infection.

After some more back and forth with Probst, Cumbie’s teammates also turned on him, explaining that he was quitting because he wasn’t getting his way. When Probst asked if that were true, Cumbie replied, “Maybe. I don’t know.” He then crossed tribal lines to hug his fiancé, Caleb Bankston, against whom he’d been competing.

Probst threw a final bit of shade on Cumbie before asking him to leave, saying, “You can keep your buff. I won’t give you the honor of throwing that in the urn. We’ll keep that reserved for people who compete. Grab your stuff, head out, the boat will pick you up.”

In an exit interview, Cumbie attempted to argue that he quit the game to save his fiancé, explaining, “Survivor is a game of chess, and sometimes you have to make big moves in order to protect your king. And sometimes… you have to sacrifice the queen early.”

During his first run on Survivor, Cumbie developed a reputation as a vindictive bigot. In one episode, he explained that the only black person he knew was his housekeeper. In another, he called a black contestant “ghetto trash,” about which he later told People magazine, “People said it had racial connotations but it had nothing to do with his race. It was more geared towards his financial status.”