WATCH: Taiwanese Animation Tackles Grindr’s New Hetero App


As we mentioned a while back, Grindr founder Joel Simkhai has launched a new app, Blendr, aimed at straight people. So as not to freak out hetero girls afraid of scary sex fiends, it’s been branded as more of a friend-finder than a flat-out hookup tool.

Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese animation company that routinely skewers news items and the gay softball world series and Leisha Hailey’s altercation aboard a Southwest Airlines flight, has produced this clip about the app.

But while we dig the animation, the host’s impression of the gay-male dating ritual is kinda fucked up.

Here’s how she imagines it:

“Wanna do it?”

“Let’s go!”

Okay, admittedly sometimes it does go down like that. But we know plenty of guys who actually chat with guys for a while before meeting up. Some just grab coffee. And at least two of our friends have just cuddled with boys they found on Grindr.

This girl thinks just because she watched an entire season of Sex and the City she knows everything about gay men?

Bitch, pleeez!