WATCH: “Teen Wolf” Heats Up With Same-Sex Romance

Things are getting extra steamy on Teen Wolf this season The Hollywood Reporter shared a clip from MTV’s lycanthropic hit, in which Stiles throws a pity part for himself for being a virgin and says he needs to have sex right away out loud while in the boys’ locker room — already sounds good right.
Danny overhears and swoops in to say he’ll have sex with him and that Stiles should plan to stay the night since he likes to cuddle after. Stiles (who’s sexuality isn’t entirely too clear) seems interested, but alas Danny, one of the show’s few openly gay characters, says he was joking.
But it seems that Danny will soon see his own romantic storyline unfold soon. Keahu Kahuanui, who plays him, spilled with the Reporter that “Love is in the air … Danny’s definitely on track for another love interest, and I think it’s possibly a dangerous one…We don’t know what his intentions are, whether he is genuinely interested or whether there’s an ulterior motive.” Uh oh!
Kahuanui said he’s encouraged that his character will become more involved in the show’s romantic elements.
“It is very motivating to see the feedback we’ve gotten on the same-sex couples,” he said. “It’s been so positive, and when you have support behind you … if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”
Danny will be involved with one of the new alpha twins. Out creator Jeff Davis spoke with The Backlot and said the twin will be played by Charlie Carver (who’s a total hottie). He also confirmed that the intentions are not clear, “whether the intent is to harm Scott [Danny’s friend and the main protagonist if you aren’t familiar]… or for other reasons, you’ll have to wait and see. But being that they’re alphas, I would be very suspicious.”
Davis also shared on the potential sex scenes to come.
“You’ll have to wait a few episodes for that, but I would say that it’s within the realm of our other Teen Wolf sex scenes. We can’t show too much on our network and our time slot, but I think we push the envelope. We haven’t hit Spartacus levels, but you’ll see. I’ll just say that one of the standards and practices notes is ‘no thrusting.'”