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WATCH: Terry McMillan + Jonathan Plummer, From Hateful Downlow Ex-Spouses To Bath Buddies

Back in 2005 the author Terry McMillan went on Oprah to confront Jonathan Plummer — whom she married in 1998 when he was in his early 20s and she in her 40s — after ending their 6.5-year marriage when Jonathan came out as gay. Terry had turned their Jamaican courtship into the book (and later, film) How Stella Got Her Groove Back; the fictional story, however, didn’t end like the real life one. If you watched that original Oprah episode, it was plainly obvious how furious Terry was at her husband’s lies. And even years later, the anger still boiled with Terry publicly trashing her ex. So when the twosome resurfaced on Oprah’s couch Tuesday, I didn’t know what to expect. Let’s just say they are now taking baths together.

From a relationship that started and ended with fireworks (and a lawsuit: Terry sued Jonathan in 2007 for $40 million, claiming intentional infliction of emotional distress, before dropping the claim), this is certainly an interesting place to be. But to watch these two former lovers and pseudo friends interact, it’s pure theater, in a humanistic way.

She seems a smidge less bitter, huh?

Let’s get to it!

Did Jonathan know he was gay going into the marriage? Or at any point in their six-year union? Initially he says no, claiming his culture forbid it, but then goes on to say he never acted on it. It was only in the last two years of the marriage did “conflicting feelings” arise. So, did he cheat on Terry with dudes? Not in any way that put her in danger, he says. (Hint: He used a condom when cheating.)

[flv:http://media.queerty.net/terryjonathanoprah3.mp4 http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/09/terryjonathanoprah3.jpg 650 400]

How did Terry find out her husband was living a lie? He sat down and told her — and insisted he never had a taste of The Gay. Terry wanted to bash his face in with a lamp.

[flv:http://media.queerty.net/terryjonathanoprah2.mp4 http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/09/terryjonathanoprah2.jpg 650 400]

And what’s their relationship like now? Hint: Naked bath time. Although it’s not like they’re going to braid each other’s hair anytime soon.

[flv:http://media.queerty.net/terryjonathanoprah1.mp4 http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/09/terryjonathanoprah1.jpg 650 400]

So what’s Jonathan doing now? HOLY CRAP he’s hosting a web show actually called No More Down Low, co-hosted by Janora McDuffie, whicih is “dedicated to dispelling myths and stereotypes of African American gays and lesbians.” It premieres Oct. 11. And, get this, it’s executive produced by former The Oprah Winfrey Show producer Earnest Winborne. Full circles, people.

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  • Black Pegasus

    Was that a rerun on Oprah? Because that interview is years old isn’t it?

    Anyhoo, Mr. Plummer’s Gayness should’ve been obvious to Terry. She doesn’t strike me as the passive type, so I would’ve expected her to pick up on Jonathan’s Gay sensibilities. No offense, but he’s very fem in my view.

  • j

    @Black Pegasus: Why would that be offensive? :\

  • robert in nyc

    The majority of closeted bi or gay men who marry the opposite sex I would say for the most part are totally aware of their orientation. I can’t imagine that they’re not. It has more to do with denial and acceptance than anything else, although there are cases of latent homosexuality that occur after someone has married of course.

  • Kieran

    Just what every guy dreams of someday being married to…..an angry, self-righteous, my shit don’t stink but yours do, mother figure. Wasn’t it great the way Terry linked being gay to alcoholism? Nice to see she’s gotten over her bitterness. Not.


    If Helen Keller married Miss Thing she would have picked up he was a big ‘ole Gay………. :p

  • Andy

    With a harridan like that, who wouldn’t turn gay?

  • Andy

    Anyone notice in the last video (4:51) the biphobia, ie. bisexuals should pick a side and not be greedy. Amazing!

  • Cam

    her anger always shocked me. She says he used her? Well I would say she used him right back. She wrote a book, made millions, sold the movie rights, made millions, all about the story of how she met him etc..

    Ok, so he was gay, but he also helped make you a millionaire.

  • T-in-Cali

    the 3rd vid doesn’t work for me. anyone else?

    yeah her anger and animosity borders on the homophobic.

  • peteNsfo

    I hate to admit it, but I actually caught the show…

    Despicable all around; Oprah pandering to the audience, Jonathan tongue-tied, & that lady is a bitter, miserable, user herself.

    Ironically she was portrayed as a ‘wronged & insightful’ woman (with a new book out, no less.)

    All of it, just awful. They made sure to inform America that Jonathan rec’d less than $30k for his trouble. Take that, f*gg#ts!

  • Anon

    If I were a gay black man and these were the the people asking me to come out of the closet, I would run and hide. They seem superficial, condescending and full of trite cliches.

    We need some bold gay black men to tell it like it is. These people ain’t it. I don’t want my grandmma nagging at me about anything, especially about getting tested for HIV or my sexuality.

    Also all the audio clips from Garageband in the video seem annoying.

    Try again!

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