WATCH: Texas Ken goes ballistic on coffee shop employee over mask rule

Via Facebook

Apparently unaware of the global fascination–and schadenfreude–over Americans who refuse to wear masks during the COVID-19 crisis, video of a Texas man protesting a coffee shop’s mask rule has gone viral.

The incident happened at Cafe Medici in the city of Austin. The man, wearing a hat and sunglasses but no mask, demanded entry when an employee refused to allow him inside.

“I’m not serving you if you don’t wear a mask,” she says. The man persists, apparently trying to claim he has a medical condition that prevents him from wearing a mask.

“I don’t care,” the employee replies. “Do you think I’m the f*cking boss here? Do you think I own this place? I don’t. It’s not my rule, it’s our company’s rules. I have to follow them.”

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The man then claims that the restaurant’s rules are “subservient to the rules and laws of the state of Texas.”

The employee agrees. “The state of Texas has ruled that we have to wear masks.”

The man then demands to speak to the owner of the cafe, but the woman stands firm. He then threatens to spread his own video of the incident, and leave the restaurant bad reviews.

“You can share this with the owners, and they’ll be on my side,” the woman says. “You need to leave, sir, or I’m calling the police,” she adds.

According to a Facebook post of the video, the man later returned to harass the employee after the cafe closed. The owners of Cafe Medici had to come escort the woman to her vehicle.