WATCH: That Time Scott Caan Wanted To Kiss Paul Newman

Sometimes while cruising researching breaking news articles on the interweb, we come across a story we missed the first time around but which still manages to titillate us. Such is the case with this Extra interview with Scott Caan and Melanie Griffith from 2012 when the two actors were appearing together in a play in Los Angeles. At one point, they’re asked about their first screen kiss. Mrs. Antonio Banderas replies that it must have been with Gene Hackman or Paul Newman. Caan is quick to chime in that he wishes his first screen kiss was with Newman.

NewmanCaanOK, OK, it’s an innocent remark made in jest, but it’s kind of fun to think about one of today’s sexiest young actors locking lips with one of the most handsome stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. It also reminded us about all the other straight male actors we’d like to see make out with one another on screen.

As an added bonus in the Extra interview, Melanie recalls a rather humbling audition that found her dancing in a bikini to the Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” trying to nab the lead in Flashdance. The jokes are too easy we’re going to skip them.