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WATCH: The 3 Funniest Gays Telling Gay Jokes On Last Comic Standing

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Fortunately, unlike the exhaustion of singing talent that American Idol experienced this season, it doesn’t appear America’s trove of comedic talent has run out. Which means the seventh season of Last Comic Standing, which airs Mondays on NBC, is actually quite funny. And as we all know, queer comics are the funniest comics, and the gays are definitely representing.

Last night was the second episode of the season, and already we’ve got our hands on LA-by-way-of-Texas gay Chip Pope and big lez Fortune Feimster. Chip makes jokes about Halloween in West Hollywood and semen! Fortune makes jokes about coming out! And Jim David makes jokes about old gays recruiting young gays! They are funny people and — spoiler alert — Chip and Fortune are both advancing on the show. Sorry Jim.

So tune in and support them or something.