Watch the El Coyote Prop. 8 Debacle

Yesterday, we told you about how a hastily assembled Prop. 8 related press conference staged by El Coyote, a dive Mexican restaurant in L.A. that’s been a longtime gay watering hole, went about as well as the invasion of Iraq. We now have video of the event, in all its sad, emotionally charged glory. Above is Marjorie Chrisofferson, partial owner of the restaurant, talking about the $100 contribution she made to the Yes on 8 campaign.

Below is the aftermath. It turns out the person who asked Marjorie whether she would be willing to donate money to repeal the amendment is none other than Sam Page, co-founder of the long shuttered gay mag, Hero. Anyway, if you’re like me, you’ll feel conflicted watching the tape as people rightly point out that Marjorie “is not our friend if she votes to take away civil rights” and another owner despairs “This was not the way it was supposed to go” as Marjorie is quickly shuffled out of the restaurant.

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