WATCH: The Gay Soldier Booed At The GOP Debates On Serving In Silence And Marrying His Husband

Matt Baume of Americans for Equal Rights presents an in-depth version of his interview with Stephen Hill, the soldier who was booed during the GOP debates, and his husband Josh Snyder.

Says Hill of serving under DADT, “for 20 years I fought for everyone’s rights but my own.”

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  • Ruth

    Stephen Hill and his husband are truly heroes. Thank you guys!

  • Kurt

    I’m glad this guy can get married but he’s a media whore and attention whore.

  • matt baume

    @Kurt: I don’t even know how to respond to that, other than to say “what are you even talking about.”

  • [email protected]

    As long as humanoids have had speech, there’s probably been some dizzy queen grunting about someone else allegedly being a “media whore.” Certainly every gay person whom the media has paid attention to—nota bene, rather than the dizzy queen—has been demonized at one time or another that way, including Harvey Milk when he was alive.

    Even if Mr. Hill were—and I don’t believe he is—WHY would that be a problem as long
    as it was good media attention? Many moons ago, when I first met Frank Kameny, I asked him about the stories going around about a then-new person to the gay activist scene being
    only being involved for personal agrandizement. I have never forgotten Frank’s reply:
    “I’ve heard those stories, too, but as long as he’s helping us I don’t care if they
    are true.”

    BRAVO to both men, and thank you, Matt, for the great interview.

  • JT

    What a wonderful couple! Thanks for sharing, you guys… and for your service!

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