WATCH: The Golden Girls Explain The Difference Between “Gay” And “Queer”

With our ever-changing lexicon, its sometimes hard to stay au courant. So when is it appropriate to call someone “gay” and when do you use “queer”?

We turn to the queen of tact, Golden Girls matriarch Sophia Petrillo, for an explanation. Picture it: Sicily, 1936…

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  • otis

    LOL I always agreed with Sophia! God Bless Her!

  • Sean

    lol that was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time

  • Chris

    Great, just great.

  • plazaboy

    Amen Sophia!

  • Jake the libertarian

    LOL! Love that!

  • dvlaries

    The show stopped production almost 20 years ago, and yet, come upon any episode now and it’s like a life-long friend knocking on your door.

    Where’s that cheesecake I just bought…

  • Mark

    @dvlaries: You’re right about the friend knocking on the door – I’ve seen every episode who knows how many times, but I never tire of those wonderful ladies.

  • Franco

    The greatest show. Ever.

  • xander

    Remind me : why don’t they make TV shows like this any more? If LOGO had a half a clue they could find some inspiration from the Golden gals!

  • rick mechtly

    I found Estelle at an AIDS org fundraiser at Oil Can’s in early ’90s and when I told her that most evenings up in S.Oaks Hospital AIDS unit that most rooms would have their reruns playing on any given evening she grabbed my arm HARD and cried out that I’d just caused her to ruin her makeup with tearing! She was such a trooper -had her pair of comely escorts ferry her all over that bar to meet all !

  • Kenny

    That episode was painful to watch as the character falls victim to the ridiculous notion that she did something wrong as a mother. Make no mistake. The haters want to convey that it’s a choice because then they can oppress the LGBT community & oppress women by attacking their mothering skills. It’s a convenient way to remove women from the workforce, roll back their rights, & leave them once again trapped in a life in which being a housewife is their only option.

  • Kenny

    I should add there’s nothing wrong with being a housewife, provided it’s the life you chose rather than it being one that society picked for you.

  • steve

    Where to start.. ok here we go

    – Just last week I stumbled across this clip on the net, spooky that I find it here a few days later
    – To answer Queerty’s question… Gay is a term I frequently use whereas queer I hardly ever. I’m more prone to saying ‘camp’
    – This fantastic show was soo far ahead of it’s time… especially for LGTB issues. Just look at Sophia talking to Blanche about her gay brother wanting to get married.
    – @Kenny… I know what you’re saying but keep in mind ‘mother’s guilt’ always runs very far. I’m sure alot of mothers back then at least would feel like they had something to do with it. Poor Mamas

  • Meowzer

    I can watch the show at any time and STILL find it hilarious.

  • Chuck

    I loved Golden Girls long before I knew I was gay. It is so nice to have such a wonderful show connect our community in such personal and common ways. Love it.

  • phallus

    @ Chuck, That should have been your first clue….

  • Dave

    I watched this show every single week with my Grandma. Still love it. This clip = awesome.

  • Shannon1981

    Forever a Golden Girls fan! Thanks for this clip.

  • ewe

    Picture it 2011. Judge Judy as a bleached brass Blonde.

  • Daez

    @xander: They do…it is called Hot in Cleveland.

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