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WATCH: The Leffews Take Back National Prayer Day

The National Day of Prayer, made official by President Harry Truman in 1952, means many things to many people. For the Bush White House, it was preaching closing mindedness. For the Obama administration, yesterday was a lower key affair; gone was the ceremonial prayer that Bush maintained for his eight years. (The private Christian-based National Day of Prayer Task Force wasn’t so happy about that.) But who cares what our elected officials are doing. Let’s check in with Queerty‘s adopted YouTube family, the Leffews.

We’ve been e-hanging out with the Leffews since last week. The Northern California family has two daddies (married, thank you very much), a daughter, and a son. And they’re adorable! Uploading to YouTube since Prop 8’s passage to show America gay couples are just as normal as everyone else, Jay (in the sleeveless tee) and Bryan (in the blue polo) yesterday shared their own National Day of Prayer tradition.

They send up a helium balloon for Selena’s mom Josephine, who she’s never met. (OMG Selena is the cutest thing ever!) Another balloon goes up for Daniel’s dad, who he hasn’t seen since he was four. (Okay, Daniel is also the cutest thing ever!) Bryan sends his to God, and Jay sends his to his own dad.

We love how these guys speak to their kids like the smart kids they are. And also: Their undying optimism.