WATCH: The Most Painfully Awkward Exchange In VMA History

There were plenty of questionable decisions made at last night’s VMAs, but none were nearly as disastrous as the decision to let A$AP Rocky share the stage with newly out NBA star Jason Collins…without a script.

The rapper made his thoughts on homophobia in hip-hop clear in an interview with Interview Magazine in April, saying “it makes me upset that this topic even matters,” and that homophobia is “retarded.” This man clearly knows how to choose his words.

When the two appeared onstage together to introduce Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” performance, it could have been a trailblazing example of hip hop’s acceptance of homosexuality (a hotly debated topic since Snoop Lion spoke up). Instead, it was an incredibly awkward mess.

“The only way things change is when you stand up for what you believe in,” Jason Collins said.

Turning to introduce Macklemore, obviously without a script, A$AP said “he stand up for everything he believe in as far as everybody being equal, color… homosexuality,” while pointing a finger at Collins.

Uh, thanks for the introduction?