WATCH: The New Slightly Naughty Magic Mike Trailer

At this rate we won’t have to see Magic Mike—Warner Bros is teasing out the whole thing in the trailers and stills the studio is releasing. Then again, we want to see Matt Bomer‘s bare tush as large as possible—so we hope they show it in IMAX 3-D.

By the way, while we appreciate the eye candy, you have to kind of laugh at how unerotic strippers are in female-orientated clubs. They have to be in some ridiculous costume and always end up doing pushups or rodeo movies. We once saw a go-go boy in Chicago open a beer bottle with his butt. Now that’s hot!

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  • deedee

    This just reminded me. Alex Pettyfer should be Finnick for the next Hunger Games movie

  • Nigel

    Matt Bomer: Gorgeous-check, Talent-check, Role Model-check, Classy-check, Hot Bum-check and double check

  • JKB

    @Nigel: check you out.

  • D P

    @Nigel: & @JKB: — I *love* it!

    And Queerty, tell us more about the beer bottle in Chicago?

  • Adam

    Oh my God.

    I might actually see this now.

  • Da

    this looks so terrible

  • Matt

    Just how much is Queerty getting paid to promote this movie? I noticed how since it shows Matt Bomer’s ass they’re not going on about how (in queerty’s opinion) he’s still somehow closeted even though he’s been out for awhile now like they have done in previous recent article about Bomer.

  • Spike

    @Adam: Apparently you have not heard of the site cam4. You will see a lot more there, online, and free. Or go spend your $$$ to get a few half second flashes of ass and faux dick. But do check back and share what it was like being the only dude, albeit gay, in a theatre full of horny cougars, and the Queerty staff.

  • JayKay

    Oh the poor, poor ushers. The inside of those menopausal housewife infested theaters is going to smell worse than a six week-old fish market in the middle of July.

  • samwise

    Thankfully we know that at least one of the guys on stage is family.

  • Belize

    @JayKay: Thank you for confirming that you’ll be watching the film… numerous times. :) Don’t let the bashers catch you. We wouldn’t miss you if you’re gone but I’m sure someone self-deprecating will. :)

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Simon Halls, the luckiest man in Hollywood.

  • Damon

    JayKay-And I’m sure you’ll be on your knees servicing each and every woman there and licking their clits, labia, and tongue fucking them! ;)

  • Simon

    Too perfect to be real. I bet Bomer has few skeletons in his closet.

  • robb

    just so there’s no confusion, this opens in the US on friday, june 29 (it’s in the UK on july 11).

  • Lefty

    It does look a bit naff, even for a Steven Soderbergh film.
    I wouldn’t bother going to see a film specifically to see Channing Tatum or Matthew M. or whoever else is in it, but I might go and see it just for Matt Bomer…

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @JayKay: Misogynize much? (and yes, I know “misogynize” is not a real verb).

  • Nick

    @Adam: lol ditto

  • Ru...

    So far I’ve only seen them getting half naked, but what is the story of the movie??? If it has one…

  • MIKE

    @Ru…: who cares?? you stfu when channing tatum is getting naked!

  • ronnie

    Is this produced by Lifetime channel for women? This has to be marketed to suburban white housewives …and of course there is no men of color! Typical Queerty, hustling some faux “gay” nonsense.

  • Sansacro

    The str8 strippers I know dance for guys. But that wouldn’t sell to Middle America. Wonder if the film will feature any gay characters (esp. self-respecting gay characters in the film who aren’t cartoons), as that is obviously part of their intended audience. Or will the movie pretend we don’t exist.

  • trajan

    Channing and Alex make me kahraazzee…but i’ll wait 4da directors cut version online or dvd

  • AngelSpawn

    if there is no age restriction on this i may just watch it XD

  • Bryan

    Still not sure I care.

  • trajan

    @Matt: u cant just sit there and enjoy the guys? hv a drink…or two…bottles

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