WATCH: The Osmonds Hired Chuck Norris To “De-Feminize” Their Dancing


It’s funny how people can have different perspectives on things. To hear Donny Osmond tell it, being in a band with his brothers in the 1970s was like one big sleepover. But in this clip, eldest brother Alan makes it sound like the group was a dangerous covert military cadre—and he was Steven Seagal.

Queerty reader Dave sent us this clip, in which Alan talks about how, at one point, he felt the boys’ dance moves were a little too…feminine, so he hired the only man who could help butch ’em up: Chuck Norris. Seriously, was this guy in a boy band or the A-Team?

Alan, a devout Mormon, has retired from singing and dancing and these days spends his time on his website, TheFamily.com, which—among other tenets—preaches that being gay is a sin and “homosexuality is not innate and unchangeable.”

We liked it better when he was kung-fu fighting.

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  • Spike

    Memo to Queerty: When referencing a video clip, it’s usually a good idea to embed the video clip with the post.

  • Daine

    How does Marie Osmond feel about what her brother states, when her daughter is gay?

  • Little Kiwi

    Not only is Marie’s daughter openly lesbian, a son of hers committed suicide a number of years ago, and there are numerous conflicting accounts of his own orientation. Marie and the family insist he was not gay, a number of his close friends insist that he was – it’s not pretty.

    But let’s just be real – look at the Osmonds. Hiring Chuck Fuckin’ Norris to “butch” them up, LDS born n’raised, and …..none are gay? Statistically speaking, it’s just highly unlikely. highly highly highly unlikely……
    *le really big sighhh*

  • Dan Avery

    ED NOTE: The clip was deleted by a site error—it’s now back up. Enjoy

  • kylew

    @Dave Evans: Hey Dave, thanks for those clips – the staying alive routine is awesome! God I miss disco :'(

  • Kev C

    Yeah those lessons worked well. Tougher than the Brady Bunch, almost as badass as the Partridge Family.

  • Dave Evans

    @kylew: Please tell me you’re joking.

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