WATCH: Stylish “Paris Flat” Ad Combines Marketing, Art And LGBT Equality

Interior designer John Saint-Denis combines marketing and a social message into a romantic celebration of love with The Paris Flat, directed by filmmaker Nino Mancuso and starring Peter Calandra.

In this sequel to Il Palazzo, Paolo (Calandra) and his young French partner, Marc, are living in an idyllic apartment in Paris—but then Paolo’s company transfers him to the States. Paolo, who has an American passport, fears he must go without Marc, who does not.

“I wanted to follow up the success of Il Palazzo with a piece that was both beautiful to look at and had a strong social message,” said Saint-Denis. “I was challenged, however, by the idea of combining an art film, a socially-conscious marketing piece and a fund-raising vehicle for a cause that I believe in, all in four minutes. And I wanted to do all that without hitting anyone over the head with my opinion or with my brand.”

You can click the link at the end of the video to donate directly to the Human Rights Campaign to support the fight for marriage equality while 20% of all JSD Vintage and Candle sales in 2013 will be donated to the HRC.