WATCH: “The Penis Files,” A Mockumentary Turning The Reproductive Rights Debate On Its, Er, Head

Imagine, if you will, a world where the sexual tables are turned and women make the decisions about men’s sexual healthcare. While there have been many arguments for and against abortion, at the heart of the issue has always been a woman’s right to choose. The Penis Files by comedy writer Katie Schwartz playfully sends up the debate, giving women the power by putting the penis on the proverbial — we hope — chopping block:

Until “The Olson Penis” was created by Dr. Olson 10-years ago, historically men’s penises grew for procreation when a woman ovulated and retracted immediately. 200 years ago, men who were devoutly religious and monogamous experienced penile growth for procreation only. Conversely, women have always been born with vaginas and sexual freedom not governed by religion or politics. In February, a committee of women met to discuss “The Olson Penis” being covered by Obamacare.

The 16-minute short is definitely worth a watch as there are are some legitimate LOLs, particularly between the gay couple, played by Sam Pancake and Drew Droege, and the roundtable of female legislators with their hilariously DIY nameplates. As a fun mini-game, try and count the average number of dick jokes they can fit in per minute. We got three.

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