WATCH: The Stupidity Of Fundamentalist Preachers Revealed In Under Four Minutes

Queerty reader Bill sent us this bizarre clip of a Southern preacher holding forth on the importance of the word “therefore” in the New Testament. Taken from the 1981 Errol Morris documentary Vernon, Florida, it typifies both the stupidity and outright anti-intellectualism that’s still pervasive in the anti-gay Evangelical movement.

Notice how proud this guy is to tell his flock he doesn’t know what the word “conjunction” means? He ain’t no namby-pamby limp-wristed smarty pants, that’s fer shure!

And we guess he’s so caught up postulatin’ and theorizin’ he didn’t realize the Bible wasn’t written in English, so Paul never actually said “therefore.”

But seriously, didn’t this guy watch Schoolhouse Rock?