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  • fagburn

    How has he “plotted the destruction of gays”?
    The Duma introduced a law similar to the UK’s Section 28 and ones attempted in several places in the US, like Dade County and the Brigg’s Iniative, in the past.
    Do you think this hysteria over a rotten law is a bit… hysterical?

  • MK Ultra

    @fagburn: Of course, the resident straight right wing troll has to show up to lube Putin’s ass with his spit.
    The same troll who suggested that no violence is happening against gays in Russia and the and the all Russian homophobia is secretly a US conspiracy.

    If any of you want to know why things in Russia are even more grime than we suspect, look at any of fagburn’s comments.

  • 2eo

    @MK Ultra: Can you believe he was actually up for a “left wing” award, do people even read his blog?, I like how he think his Britishness lets him disguise his prejudice against gay people as “flippant bitchy dry humour” when really it’s hateful propaganda.

  • fagburn

    @2eo: Again, you’ve quoted something I’ve never said!
    Unlike you I prefer facts over fictions, and reason over hysteria.

    PS The idea that I’m straight and right-wing is wonderful! Can you call me a Martian, a Big Mac, or a sea lion next?


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