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Watch: The Ultimate Boy-Meets-Boy Romance “In The Grayscale”

It often seems that nuanced explorations of bisexuality on screen are few and far between. The new romantic drama, In the Grayscale has been getting attention for its even-handed and thoughtful treatment of sexual self-discovery. Chilean TV star Francisco Celhay plays a thirty-something architect who leaves his wife and child and falls into a romance with an openly gay history teacher. He explores the urban landscape of Santiago (and his own inner landscape of desire) while still maintaining his connection to his family and formerly straight life. First-time director Claudio Marcone explores questions of sexuality and commitment while not offering conventional black and white answers (hence the titular reference to the grayscale).

In The Grayscale won the Jury Award for Best First Feature at Frameline: The San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival this past June where Variety compared it’s sensitive romanticism to Andrew Haigh’s Weekend and called it: “a gentle boy-meets-boy romance.”

The film is out this week on DVD and digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant, WolfeOnDemand.com and more. Check out the trailer above.

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