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Watch: The Unofficial Britney Spears ‘Hold It Against Me’ Music Video

Beating Britney Spears to the release of her own video, gay director Ryan James Yezak — who’s already delivered on your Katy Perry and Ke$ha fixes — today unveils his creation for “Hold It Against Me.” It’s wetter than usual.

[flv: 650 400]

[YouTube pulled the original version, but we have a copy here.]

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  • Benjamin

    Girls??????? Ugh.

  • frozen north

    um. promising elements and visuals, but needs some cohesion.
    but what’s with the twink, femme male dancers?
    and what’s with the guys just sitting around in the foreground?
    and all the guy dancers wearing chunky glasses?
    and the weird…ah forget it, nice work.

  • James Davis

    Disappointing really. Not because it isn’t good, but because it is too good. The camp slightly askewness of his other videos is what made them so entertaining. Sadly that camp factor is missing here and as a result why not just wait and watch the actual Britney video.

  • IE

    If I were Britney I’d have YouTube take this down.

  • Red Meat

    The guy has talent, just needs to like… stop editing every frame. I could never do something like that.

  • Michael

    @Benjamin: MTE

  • Charlie Jackpot

    Keith Angell is one hot mama

  • Soupy

    I like Bill Maher’s comment about the new single “Hold it Against Me”. “What’s next? Put it in me?”

  • sam

    The one who was chained to the chair was hot. ’nuff said…

    And too many girls to be the campy hilarity of the originals. Now it just looks like a genuine attempt at a music video, as opposed to a bunch of lil homos having fun

  • Jorge

    I don’t want to be just another bitchy queen, but really, his videos are getting old. He needs to start coming up with concepts, interesting and novel ones, instead of relying on fit dancers, body paint, and jump cuts.

  • Star

    I do like him but he totally shifted his video. I like that we can see him use gay men and drag queens in video’s and make them amazing, but using girls, I mean that video looks like something Britney would do. We can see girls doing that almost anywhere it wan nice that we could have videos that focased on LGBT.

  • jason

    Oh, Britney, you have some a beautiful voice. Clack, clack, clack…it’s so resonant and spine-chilling. Donna Summer is nowhere near as good as you.

    I also hear that you can play the guitar, Britney. You’re a multi-talented girl with so many skills. You don’t need some drugged music producer with obsessive compulsive disorder and a nifty computer to make you sound good, honey.

    You’re so talented, Britney. Your voice is even better than Pat Benatar’s.

  • Renzo

    how could anyone compare britney to pat benatar, laughable.

  • Kev C

    This is what I imagine a meth binge looks like.

  • D P

    Did all you commenters above me get to see the video? I tried viewing it, and a message came up saying that Sony owns the rights to the video, and was blocking viewing it in my country. You guys are in the USA, too, right?

  • Kevdognoswhats up

    This video was not gay enough for me. So I did not rock out to it.

  • bg

    I would be funny if all the women´s parts were done by guys.

    The video is boring and disappointing

  • AtHeNs GeOrGiA DiLlArD

    I LOVED IT JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHERS!!! :) Keep all your hard work!

  • random

    I’d pile drive Diana in less than 0.2 seconds.
    Awesome vid man!

  • mutze

    ich liebe es… dauert bissel bi sich es mir anschauen kann aber sonst geil…

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