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  • Dakotahgeo

    Beautiful tribute! (But where’s the video???)

  • Randal Oulton

    what video?

  • 2eo

    For a genre of TV usually lacking in class, panache, charisma and dignity this was an excellent tribute. Well done for focusing on the names and not the singers.

  • smithster11

    I read about the flood of tributes being paid to the flood of victims from shootings and wonder why my reaction is never “how beautiful” they are. Finally, I think I figured it out. It’s been almost 6 months to the day since the shooting in the Aurora theater. After that event we all cried out that “now” we would begin the discussion of doing…well, something.

    But somehow, “something” never really gets done and the mill keeps turning out more dead bodies on a daily basis. Now it’s 26 dead adults and children and we again are forced to endure these tributes. How am I supposed to react to these endless tributes when the tragedy they are meant to commentate are so utterly avoidable? So instead of finding how beautiful they are, I find myself puking in my mouth just a bit more each time.

  • Freddie27

    All these trite tributes are lovely and all, but do you reckon any of these people will lift a finger to campaign for a Federal Assault Weapons Ban, ban on high-capacity magazines and closing the gun show loophole? Methinks not.

  • 2eo

    @Freddie27: You’ve put yourself in the firing line, there’s a member here called MacTX who’ll be jumping down your throat soon enough. It’s okay to ignore him though.

    He’ll be telling you how much more important it is that he has his guns than the lives of children.

    I agree with you Freddie, how any civilised and good society can allow these weapons is frightening, but alas I am not American.

  • Spike

    @Freddie27: 100% correct! These tributes make the participants feel a warm and supportive, it’s a great photo-op and good for their career, but when the time comes to speak up as it involves the federal assault weapons ban, they will be no where to be found, can’t alienate their christian republican gun toting NRA member fans!

    I too find these tributes to be pointless and opportunistic.

  • Spike

    I wonder if the Kardashian’s will be dedicating their season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardasians to the victims of the Newtown victims as well?

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