Queerly Beloved

Watch These Guys Watch Queer As Folk For The First Time

The U.S. adaptation of the hit British drama Queer As Folk premiered on December 3rd, 2000, and nearly 15 years later there still hasn’t been anything quite like it on TV.

Our friends at Buzzfeed gathered some gays who had never seen Queer As Folk for a variety of reasons (one was 8-years-old at the time, another was at sea in the Navy), and made a pretty funny video documenting their varied reactions.

One guy notices “a lot of white people,” (we remember only one black guy with a speaking role in the entire series) and another is as shocked about that initial Brian/Justin hookup in 2015 as we were in 2000.

And, seriously, who has ever poured water on themselves in their own apartment in an attempt to look hot?

Watch the watching below.

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