Watch This Corbin Fisher Model Test Running Accessories You’ll Probably Buy

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.23.51 PMHate that you have nowhere to stash house keys, energy pouches, and bottled water on your morning run? Feeling burdened by fanny packs and backpacks that bounce and chafe?

Fear no more! The makers of FlipBelt have just the solution for you.

Avoid these issues by taking a run with bona fide gay porn star “Trey,” of Corbin Fisher fame. If you’re lucky, he’ll wear this nifty product called the FlipBelt for you and eliminate your running luggage problem.

The self-professed bisexual power bottom demonstrates use of this new product in the ad below, jumping around and working up a sweat in a way that will inspire 99% of you to visit his Corbin Fisher profile (nsfw) to check out some of his more popular work.

Trey must work as a stock model to supplement his income as one of Corbin Fisher’s highest-rated models. He also previously appeared in a prank video that went viral in 2011: