Watch: This Is The New Chris Crocker, a ‘Freak Of Nature’

Britney Spears has a new single? That’s such snoozie news compared to the release of Chris Crocker‘s music video “Freak of Nature.” Which, let’s be honest, is something Britney herself might’ve released in 2008.

No stranger to donning a blonde wig and exposing himself, Chris turns himself into dominatrix Britney getting taken from behind when he’s not showing or fellating bananas. And the lyrics? Not terrible, so long as your standard of “not terrible” is somewhere above Ke$ha. I’m not sure what Chris has been up to since his “Leave Britney Alone” fame crashed and burned. But snaps to anybody trying to become a pop star. And getting away with it.

“It’s Chris Crocker. And what. Bitch please.” OH YES HE DID!