Watch: This Is The New Chris Crocker, a ‘Freak Of Nature’

Britney Spears has a new single? That’s such snoozie news compared to the release of Chris Crocker‘s music video “Freak of Nature.” Which, let’s be honest, is something Britney herself might’ve released in 2008.

No stranger to donning a blonde wig and exposing himself, Chris turns himself into dominatrix Britney getting taken from behind when he’s not showing or fellating bananas. And the lyrics? Not terrible, so long as your standard of “not terrible” is somewhere above Ke$ha. I’m not sure what Chris has been up to since his “Leave Britney Alone” fame crashed and burned. But snaps to anybody trying to become a pop star. And getting away with it.

“It’s Chris Crocker. And what. Bitch please.” OH YES HE DID!

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    He’s Off His cRocker………….. :p

  • MIchael

    I enjoyed that! Catchy song, hot video.

  • John

    You know, had the same song been performed by Britney Spears, it would have been a hit. The video would also have been allowed to air on MTV.

  • hotone2me


  • Riker

    Is it wrong that i’m a little turned on by this?

  • scribe

    I figured I was going to hate this, but its pretty good. I’m not a fan of dudes in drag, but he looks good as a dude. The black dude topping him, is what really run me over. Going to down load the song.

  • Steve-O

    He would have made a lot of money as a songwriter and had Britney perform the song….imagine the PR newsmill ‘Chris Crocker pens new Britney Track’

  • Dannyboy

    Yeah, Chris Crocker is kinda hot, as a guy AND a girl. I can’t wait to hear this on the dance floor. I hope he keeps on making ladyboy music videos, he could really give Lady Gaga a run for her money…

  • redball



    Where did this come from?! Was he always a singer/songwriter? This song and video are LEGIT, complete with high-quality music and video production values. Love the sass and wit sprinkled throughout.

  • Jeffree

    Wow, didn’t think I’d like this but I was wrong. Great, hot vid. Song is good even without the visuals, but the whole thing is really well done. More, please!

  • scott ny'er

    @Jeffree: I have to say, it was well done, too. It does sound just like a Britney song. It’s right up there with 1,2,3 and her other songs. Good luck to him.

    and the video was pretty damn good too. Better than Nicole’s “poison” video.

  • Steve

    I was pretty sure this was going to be terrible. But, it does sound like a good Britney-esque track – makes me think of her Circus era, maybe earlier than that.

    The video was okay – I was a little disturbed since Chris doesn’t look much older than 16 – but it was pretty damn good, especially compared to his “Leave Britney Alone” video.

    Also, he looks pretty in drag. Like, it isn’t obvious that he’s dressed in drag.

  • Rob

    I really hope I’m just not detecting the sarcasm. The song is horrible, the video is low-budget and trashy, it’s just all-around bad.

  • Pip

    Looks like Miley Cyrus really let herself go!

  • DJ Randall Ellison

    He has skills, that’s for sure. I should play this on Saturday and see how many people recognize him. Seems like he’s trying to emulate Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga to a degree. Although, to be fair, in comparison to most modern divas’, this music video is tame ;D


  • Charlie Jackpot

    You can just tell he loves black dick

  • redball

    “And what?? Bitch, please!” Love.

  • sophie petrillow

    @Charlie Jackpot:

    who doesnt ?!?!?

  • Chris Crocker

    Thank you so much for posting this!
    I love Queerty.

  • Benjamin

    I’ve been harboring a bit of a lust crush on Chris Cocker. It’s time I was honest about that.

  • Chandler In Las Vegas

    We loves us the dance tune.

  • Ted C.

    Britney’s looking a little rough these days. I like that black guy who’s sodomising her, though.

  • Ted C.

    Why does she have to put male-male scenes in her video, though? First Christina, then Katy Perry, now Britney. It’s getting old.

  • Qjersey

    I’m way over cute twinks feeling their fabulousness in trashy stripper drag.

  • Chubguydc

    For the next video I recommend not spending all the budget on an expensive but cheap Kim Zolciak wig. Some strawberries that are actually ripe would be more appealing.

  • Ryan

    @Rob: I like Chris but I have to agree.

  • Dollie

    So, I actually liked this a lot more than any Katy Perry, Ke$ha, etc. song I’ve heard of late! I am always skeptical when YouTubers think they can rock a single (though, I like Chris, really), but this was genuinely fun!

  • Robbie K

    Love it

  • dannyal

    gotta agree with most posters here. Catchy and well produced song, nicely choreographed video (considering the budget, I assume), and Chris looks hot in both styles.

    I enjoyed it.

  • Dan

    Forget about Crocker. I’ll take his co-star.

  • Ventril

    The song is good and catchy, but let’s not sit and just kiss ass here. He’s just a regular whore gay guy. The video is just him lip syncing the song poorly while dancing around eating strawberries and bananas or grinding up on some guy.
    Its so disappointing reading the comments comparing him to Lady Gaga and such.

  • Daez

    The lyrics are awesome. Chris is hot as always. However, there is definitely a point where it just seems to drag on and on and on.

    @Ventril: HE ISN’T LIP SYNCING. That is Chris’ real voice. Sure, he might have prerecorded it then lip synced much like almost every video is made, but he still laid down that track. Why do you feel a need to disparage him? Do fem gays just annoy you or something?

  • Johnnybluejeans

    Girl, you sing through that nose!!!!!

  • wannabegay2

    i like it.

    he probably all the money he had from the leave britney alone thing to pay for this.

  • jack e jett

    I have loved this kid from day one. I love his background, the way he was discovered and this new video is awesome.

    It makes me want to be young and relevant again………

  • DJ Randall Ellison

    @jack e jett: You’re only as old as you think you are. I’m going on 35, and I still confuse people for a 20-year old. Be what you want to be, you only have one life :)

  • Brian

    OMG! The song is actually quite good except for the spoken parts and the bikini shots with him on his knees in bed. It’s too weird seeing him so undressed knowing that he has a penis. But, the song is good and his love interest is totally hot! :)

  • Charlie

    Wow… he has come a long way from “leave Britney alone.” Well done. I admit it – I was judgmental and thought I wouldn’t like it.

  • yumyum

    Out of all Britney songs, most reminiscent of “Piece of Me.”

  • spacegod

    Cute boy. Ugly girl.

  • ComeOuEveryone

    Piece of shit. His family must be really proud. Great for our movement. Oh, and atrocious lip-sync.

  • MattGMD

    Sounded better than expected. Liberal use of Auto-Tune for vocals and lens filtering for visuals gets much of the credit.

  • Mykey

    Chris is kissing on the boys and boys alone, kinda reminds me of a male version of Not Myself Tonight. At least he has the guts to show homoeroticism in his video, not even Adam Lambert has done this, come to think of it, he and Lambert should do a duet!

  • Mykey

    I have to say that Chris is one of the few men who in my opinion looks great as a girl (very sexy I must add) as much as he is such a handsome guy in his male persona. It’s also good seeing a guy celebrating male sexuality and homoeroticism. Most videos nowadays are about celebrating female sexuality and womanhood.

  • mybeautee

    So BeAutIfuL

    *hugs kisses the utmost of contentment kisses hugs*

  • mybeautee

    So BeAutIfuL

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