WATCH: This Kid’s Version Of Beyoncé’s “Countdown” Is Everything

Queerty reader Toinks sent us this clip of a young boy absolutely killing it with a cover of Beyoncé’s “Countdown,” side-by-side with the “original.” (We put the air quotes in since Bey was accused of stealing Countdown’s signature moves in the first place.)

Not only does this pint-sized Fosse nail the choreography and pull out some top-notch editing, but he actually makes us want to buy a Snuggie. Now that’s some talent right there.

You can also see the homage video by itself on kkpalmer1000’s YouTube channel.


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  • Stephen

    your html for the embed failed

  • Dan Avery

    @Stephen: The clip should be working

  • Rando

    This kid has much swag. I wasn’t too impressed when I saw the first video of just him, but only because I didn’t know the official video.

    When I watched this, it became apparent how badass it is.

  • Dick Grayson


  • Bee



    Ho man ;-) that is, so cool you are remind me of my son now twent four, and not gay like dad is (Ho well) He used to dance all ove the house ehehehe XOXOXOX for you man.

  • um...


  • Dionte

    He got skillz, I’d like to see a comparison of the production cost. His video was on point.

  • jj

    its amazing what you can do with a mac and some decent editing software these days! very high production value indeed.

  • Haji

    This kid has some awesome skills and talents. I hope he goes far in life in whatever he decided to do.

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