WATCH: Three Decades Of Gay Slang In Three Minutes

Hay, biatches! Sit down, ’cause it’s time for a faaaaaaaabulous history lesson, gurlfriend, OKrrrrrr! *Snapz!* Multi-hyphenate artist Greg Scarnici (writer-performer-musician-actor-director, werq!) created a hi-larious educational video outlining the evolution of gay slang over three sassypants decades, all in three minutes.

The video, called “The History of Gay Slang,” might better be titled “The History of Big Black and Beautiful Diva Slang Stolen By Gay Men,” but we’re not going to nitpick. It’s still totes ridic!

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  • Chris

    Meh! It really wasn’t funny, interesting maybe, but certainly not lmao.

  • Zane

    I’m stealing “like Louisa May Alcott on Vicodin.”

  • Ginasf

    I think what you really mean is 3 decades of black queer person/trans woman slang being badly imitated by some white gay guy.

  • Aaron Coleman

    @Ginasf: Hahaha. Indeed!

  • Matt

    Wow this is so fucking lame I can’t believe query is even covering this. this isn’t gay slang. like maybe ten percent of it could be considered general gay slang. Things like: butch, femme, vers, dl, queen, twink, play, trade, trash, daddy, cub, bear, vanilla, etc etc… That’s gays slang

  • Matt

    @ginasf – for real

  • Lance

    Agreed GinaSF and Matt. This was lame and pointless.

  • prettygirls

    Chile Boo. The actor is cute though.

  • LVgay

    Three decades = 30 years, not 22

  • WTF

    How can I punch this guy in the pussy? He’s annoying as shit.

  • xixax

    Ugh. That was cringeworthy. Tired doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  • Bascha

    He just sounds like a black girl.

  • Callum

    I have been Out and Proud and Gay and Masculine for the past fifty (yep 50!) years. I found that so disturbing I wanted to go find a closet. That was NOT “Gay Slang” it was simply black inspired trashy transgendered talk and has nothing to do with Gay slang.

  • minorkuy

    gurl please

  • keoki3


  • Ms.Peachez

    White gurls put ya claws away. There is nothing less attractive than messy white bitches. So what if he sounds like a black T gurl. You dumb whores really need to get your shit in line. I see why queers of color avoid white gay men like a virus.

  • mike

    stfu, peachez. the problem with him “sounding like a black t gurl” is that THAT’S NOT GAY SLANG. but he’s calling it GAY slang.

  • Ms.Peachez

    @mike: Eat dirt. I stand by my original post. A bunch of messy, pale faced, ugly queens, bottom feeders who don’t have nothing better to do than to low rate black queers. There are Trans Women who are LESBIANS. Dumb fuck.

  • Mark

    I will say i honestly did laugh out loud at the 2008 one, and i have no clue what it was or meant thought the strange news was hilarious.

  • Ms.Peachez

    @mike: and there are Trans Men who are gay. People need to stop using poopers, fucks with your brain cells, well the few you have. Carry on. L8er for this shit hole and its shitty dwellers.

  • what?

    @LVgay: i like that you commented without watching the video! your assessment is accurate and especially credible!

  • mike

    @18 & 20 – both of you can go fuck yourselves. no one cares about you. SHUT UP. GO AWAY. no one said anything against black people you fucking overly-sensitive dramaqueer douchebag. why don’t you go read some audre fucking lorde for fucks sake. and then go and make comments on a gay site about “gay slang” which was obviously about gay (biological) men. you fucking moron. you wonder why you are losing support from the broader gay community? because you say things like “pale faced” and you refuse to let gay men have their OWN culture – everything has to be about you! well guess what bitch, it’s not! this wasn’t about lesbians! this wasn’t about black trans people! so shut it! no one here was bashing those people, they were just saying that this is not “gay” slang. you out of touch wannabe-radical twat.

    as for you, 20, i’m well aware that there are people born different genders who want to change their gender and pretend that their experience is somehow even remotely fucking similar to gay male culture. but guess what, that has nothing to do with the fact that (as most people here have voiced) this is not gay slang. and some things are just about GAY MEN – so quit trying to bring up trans people at every chance! people are getting fucking sick of it. we are not trying to cause erasure towards the trans community, but we are allowed to have our own GAY MALE culture. Fucking DEAL WITH IT. bye.

  • Brandon

    Peachez-What’s your point? Stop being so madf and rac ist. There are a lot of cis people who are bisexual and even Trans people who are bisexual but they’re a part of the larger LGBT community or LGBT culture as others are writing about. Nobody is actually saying anything that’s remotely rac_ist against black people. I’m black and I don’t find what people are writing here to be offensive towards black people. I personally do not avoid gay white men as long as they’re not bottoms who have watched way too much porn that has black men in it that IMO has rac_ist stereotypes like showing black men as being “thugs”, that we’re all on the DL, or obsessing over “big black dick”. However not all white people are into this and nobody here is like this. I am supportive of Trans people however being a gay man I only want to have sex with cisgendered bisexual and gay men.

  • Carlos

    I can’t understand this guy at all! I can sort of make stuff out but he’s way too mumbly and he just sort of buzzed his lips or rolled his tongue in 2008.

  • tookietookie

    I thought this was funny. I like flame wars though. Let’s give criticism where criticism is due though.

    The Mormons. Mitt Romney, Kolob, Magic Underwear…


  • camembert

    The only funny thing in that video was “like Louisa May Alcott on Vicodin” for its pure randomness.

  • Red Meat

    @Bascha: He sounds like a white girl trying to sound like a black girl.

  • Jay

    This video sucks and he is a white queen who is trying to sound like a gay black man that’s a queen or drag queen.

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