Time warp

WATCH: That time Gloria Estefan cast a bunch of drag queens to play her in a music video

In case you haven’t heard, Gloria Estefan dropped her twenty-ninth album today. Brazil305 features 14 of her biggest hits reimagined with Brazilian rhythms plus four all-new tracks.

Listening to the new album got us thinking about that time in 1994 when she recorded a cover of the disco hit “Everlasting Love” for her album Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me. 

Nine months pregnant, Gloria couldn’t appear in the music video, so she hired a team of drag queens and club kids to impersonate her.

Cast members included female impersonator Julian Viva, the Hollywood Super Club Kids, the Fabulous Wonder Twins, and drag performers/future RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Venus D-Lite and Sutan Amrull.

Each represented Gloria in a different stage in her iconic career. The video went on to win a Billboard Music Video Award and was so well received that Julian Viva and Willie E. were invited to tag along on her Evolution World Tour.


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