Say that again?

WATCH: That time Oscar Isaac said eight inches isn’t “enough” and the internet gasped

Information is a firehose and there have been so many important things to pay attention to these days, which is perhaps why you may have missed these pearl-clutching videos of Star Wars star Oscar Isaac that made the rounds.

And before anyone starts diving into the ‘personal life’ section of his Wikipedia page, let’s get this out of the way: The clips are from a benefit reading of the play Beirut by Alan Bowne.

The description on the MCC Theater website reads:

How do we sustain the human spirit, hope and love in the face of a plague? We’ve been here before, in history and on the MCC stage. In 1987, Alan Bowne’s Beirut launched MCC Theater’s one-act festival. A play to remember, and one that is as relevant today as ever. Set in a dingy Lower East Side apartment in the 1980s, Beirut follows the story of Torch (played by Oscar Isaac), a young man who is in quarantine after testing positive to a nameless disease. His girlfriend (Marisa Tomei, reprising her award-winning role from 1987), refuses to leave him isolating alone. It’s raunchy, it’s real, it’s poetic; and it reminds us of the power of stories, and their role in fostering hope, solidarity and documentation of extraordinary times.

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But back to the subject at hand…

We’ve no doubt the play is worthy of a full examination, but here are the ever-so-brief and oh-so-out-of-context clips that circulated:

There’s this startling accusation:

This proof his character knows how to make a plan:

An actor must always be in command:

We don’t know what award this performance deserves exactly, only that it deserves one.