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WATCH: Tina Fey Joins Girls In Hilarious SNL Parody

In case you missed the premiere of Saturday Night Live, we have the best skit of the night: A Girls parody featuring the addition of Blerta. While Tina Fey did her best to kick start a new season of SNL, the show quickly fizzled after too much focus on the new featured players and little to no Kate McKinnon. Luckily, the show was saved by this savvy satire of HBO’s polarizing hit. One of the newbies, Noël Wells, portrayed an exhausting Hannah supported by Cecily Strong as Marnie, Vanessa Bayer as Shosh and McKinnon as Jessa. The surprise was Fey’s Albanian character who shows up as Hannah’s new roommate.

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  • Jake357

    That was so spot-on. Sad they had to bring in Tina Fey to save this boatload of nobodies, but she nailed it. She MADE this episode. Esp. the Girls parody and the subtle implication that she fits in because she looks like an eastern European peasant woman, which is how I view most of these dowdy librian-ish hipster chicks. LOL!

  • Jake357


  • Fitz

    Tina Fey’s character was a rip off of Cloris Lechman in Young Frankenstein. Still good, but Cloris really nailed it better.

  • 2eo

    @Fitz: Which in turn was a rip off of a Goons radio character.

  • the other Greg

    Best line: “You’re 24??? What the f*ck is wrong with you???”

    Could have been the title of the show except it’s a bit long.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Now THAT’S funny. I’m almost thinking of getting HBO.

  • boring

    Can you really satirize something that’s already a successful satire?

  • Fitz

    2EO– thanks! I will look for it!!

  • Kieran

    The major theme running through Saturday Night Live humor is that gays are always good for being mocked. They play on the negative gay stereotypes time and again for cheap laughs. And yet there are apparently a lot of dopey gays who think that SNL are laughing with them instead of at them.

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